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Thursday 5th June 2014

Live Performance
Songs from the musical "Single"

A selection of songs from the musical Single performed live starring Melissa Van Der Schyff and Claybourne Elder

Thursday 5th June 2014 at 7pm
54 Below Broadway's Supper Club
254 W 54th St, Cellar,
New York
More info and tickets at
or call (646) 476-3551


Karen is spending most of her time in New York in 2014.


Karen Features on the MCPS-PRS Podcast

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toxic peteAlbum Demo - Singles For Singles

'Singles For Singles' is the new album from the enigmatic singer/relationship-based songwriter Karen Bishko. This little demo, although only having three tracks from the album, is a great little teaser and tempter for the full work.

Featuring 'Run Run Run', 'Unfertilised' and 'Tinker Boy', this 'demo' does exactly what it's supposed to do; it eases the listener gently into the rather pleasing, if a little circumspect, musical world of Karen Bishko - a 'place' of mature lyrics based on love's quirky and often bitter experiences, a world made up of melody and musical movement, poetic imagery, shared torment and keen observation - a place that most people will recognise.

Karen's songs have an underlying feeling of fun and optimism although, in the main, their origins are based on bad luck in love and the trials and tribulations of relationships. Karen's music comes from the heart - that's clear. She sings about things that most will associate with - we've all either been there ourselves or know someone who's been there. Karen's vocal delivery is refined, crystal clear and empathetically sentimental. She allows her voice to sit comfortably within the bounds of the music which gives great access to her lyrics and their sentiment. Karen Bishko's going to places that most similarly ilked songwriters fear to tread and she's doing it with a certain style and panache.

The wonderfully honest 'Singles For Singles' by Karen Bishko could prove to be a turning point in this girl's career - the ladies will love it and even most men should find some solace and perhaps irony within its heart. Tasty stuff that could do well for the talented and likeable Karen Bishko.

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